What are Boundless Life Extracurricular Activities?

ECA's are a range of optional activities, organised and run by the Education Centre, that children can take part in after the end of the normal day (3.30pm).
These incur an additional cost and usually last 1-2 hours.
The choice of ECAs has been carefully considered to provide both active and more relaxing activities to suit all of our different age groups. 
boundless life ecas

What are the benefits of ECA’s to a well-rounded education?

Children’s well-being always comes first. Physical, mental, emotional and social wellness are critical to each child’s growth and learning potential.

The Finnish educational system that the Boundless Education curriculum is based upon highlights the importance of extracurricular activities and the role they play in a well-rounded education.

Enrolling in them builds confidence and makes learning easier and more comfortable. Besides being a stress releaser, these activities also boost socialisation with peers and enhance students’ time management.

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We offer two types of ECAs

"Everywhere ECAs"

You will find Everywhere ECAs across all our destinations so that your child can keep on building specific skills. The activities you can find across all Boundless Life destinations are guitar and martial arts!

"Destination ECAs"

‘Destination ECAs’ are very specific to the culture, strengths and attributes of a particular location.

The Boundless Life destinations enable kids to discover and explore wonderful new skills. Here are few examples:

Surfing in Sintra
Sailing in Syros
Art in Tuscany
Yoga & Cooking in Bali

Learn More About ECAs

Send us a request and we will get back to you with more information about our Extra Curricular Activities
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