Certified Educators

Each Boundless Education Centre has a team of incredible educators that were thoughtfully curated and hand-picked among hundreds of talented teacher applicants from around the world.

Sintra Team

Joana Fernandes

Education Centre DIRECTOR
Joana has her Bachelor's degree in Education and has been teaching since 2010. She has previously been the manager of a private school and served on the Pedagogical board. She is trained in Democratic and Cooperative Learning and a qualified Montessori teacher. This approach has greatly influenced her vision of education and of life. Joana believes in educating the whole child while helping them discover their own path. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the beautiful beaches of Portugal with her young family and their dogs.

Zak Welborn

Upper Foundation Lead Educator
Zak graduated in the UK with a degree in Primary education, and has had extensive experience in Finnish Education and in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He has a passion for education and ensures that the curriculum being taught is innovative by using an inquiry-based approach. Throughout Zak’s career, he has taught in Asia and Europe and specialised in Geography and Physical Education. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and watching live sports.

Michèle Momos

lower Foundation LEAD Educator
Michelle is a dedicated Performing Arts Teacher who has woven her passion for the arts into academics. With five years of experience as an international teacher at the Santo António International School (SAIS) in Estoril, she has played a key role as a lead teacher across both primary and middle school settings. Her expertise is further developed by training from Cambridge in Primary English, Mathematics, and Science, showcasing her commitment to fostering a well-rounded educational environment. As a ballet enthusiast, Michelle’s deep-rooted love for dance and the arts is at the core of her teaching philosophy. She is devoted to cultivating an appreciation for discipline, creativity and artistic expression among her students both in academics and art.

Micha Smith

Foundation Assistant
Micha is an international TEFL trainer and has taught English as a second language and Fine Arts studies around the world. They were a private homeschool teacher following the curriculum of Wolsey Hall Oxford. Micha also has extensive experience tutoring ESL students. They have been travelling their whole life and have lived in 9 countries so far. Micha has volunteered in orphanages and children’s hospitals around the world. In their spare time, they enjoy digital art sewing, craft and painting.

Roberta Carreira

Roberta is originally from Brazil, and moved to Portugal when she was 9 years old. She then continued to travel across the globe seeing and experiencing different cultures. As a result of these experiences, Roberta developed an appreciation for how children may feel in new and unfamiliar environments, and strives to make the children in her classroom feel safe and at-home. Roberta has a degree in Fine Arts from the Art Academy in Perugia, Italy and has been trained in Montessori in both Italy and Chicago, USA. In her spare time, Roberta enjoys yoga, meditation, and visiting art museums.

Ida Finska

Upper Exploration Support Educator
Ida Finska is a Finnish wellness professional. She qualified in Sports instruction and personal training at the Pajulahti Sports Academy in Finland. Ida has spent 10 years of her life studying emotional and physical well-being in the field of health and yoga. She has also developed an innovative programme to teach sports and yoga in her own unique way. Ida has worked with schools in Finland, Italy and Portugal. She enjoys living in Portugal and is focusing on keeping her hometown Cascais active!

Janaina Pinto

Janaina was born in Brazil and graduated in Law, working for multinational companies, being mainly responsible for the area of ​​international contracts. Her love for education was awakened by teaching English at Berlitz. Initially, she taught Business English to executives, but it was after she started teaching teenagers and children that she decided to study pedagogy. Since graduating in 2013, she has taught kindergarten and elementary students in bilingual and international schools in São Paulo. She received her Masters of Science in Education from the University of Minho in Portugal, specialising in Pedagogical Supervision in Language Education.

Sara Martinez

Lower Exploration Support Educator
Sara is from Madrid, Spain and has always wanted to work with children. She holds a Masters degree in both Early Childhood and Primary Education. Sara believes that learning happens best with a relationship of love and respect. Her passion is to teach children through activities and story telling. She believes that each of us learns everyday from the amazing children we are taking care of. In her spare time, Sara enjoys being surrounded by nature and animals.

Leonor Freitas

Exploration Assistant
Leonor was born in Portugal and has a degree in Social Work from the University of Lisbon. As an intern, she worked with organisations specialising in services for refugees. After graduating, she worked at a foster home in Rome for underage refugees, which deepened her interest in pedagogy and its relation to art. At the home, she organised activities around art therapy and alternative methodological tools for integration based on the works of Emmi Pikler. This helped her hone in on her passion of working at the intersection of these fields. In her spare time, Leonor creates art and is educating herself on the Montessori and Pikler pedagogies.

Syros Team

Piotr Dawlidowicz

Education Centre DIRECTOR 
Piotr has a Master's in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education. He has been teaching and guiding students in Asia, the United States, and Portugal. Piotr believes in creating community and culture to make everyone feel safe and excited to engage. His International experience gives him the versatility to grasp alternative methods and provide the best learning experience for all involved. Piotr is now leading the expansion team to build its Education system globally. In his free time, Piotr likes to listen to funk music and explore local neighbourhoods on his scooter.

Esa Kejonen

Upper Foundation Lead Educator
Esa is from Kuopio, Finland, and has a Master’s in Education, with a minor in technology education. Esa has worked as a substitute teacher for schools all across Finland, both in big cities and rural areas, and most recently worked with new immigrants. Esa is specialised in teaching ICT and Math. As a teacher, Esa’s strength is supporting his students through their wins and losses. Esa is passionate about food and cooking, chess and Rubik cubes. He is a former athlete, and currently plays curling half-competitively.

Vanessa Khamisa

Lower Foundation Lead Educator
Vanessa, born in California and raised around the world until settling in Texas at the age of 9, boasts a diverse educational background. With Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Philosophy, a Master's degree in East-West Psychology, a Teaching Certification, and currently pursuing a Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her teaching practice. With over 8 years of teaching experience across several countries, Vanessa believes in creating dynamic and engaging learning environments that embrace diversity. She encourages students to relate lessons to their experiences, cultures, and languages, fostering inclusivity and personal connection. Outside of teaching, Vanessa enjoys exploring new places, reading, and learning more about the world around her.

Fotini Komninou

Lower Foundation support Educator
Fotini graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a Teaching degree. She also has a degree in Teaching English and has worked at several private and public schools in Greece. Fotini likes implementing new technologies and web-based tools in her teaching because she enjoys watching her students get excited about their learning. Her teaching strengths and passions lie in an outdoor experiential teaching approach and incorporating gamification into learning. Fotini enjoys travelling and outdoor sports like hiking, skiing and tennis.

Iphigenia Scoutari

Upper Exploration Lead Educator
Iphigenia is a fully qualified Montessiori teacher. She was raised in a Greek/British bilingual family, which enabled her to be mindful of cultural diversity and develop an awareness to recognize and navigate concerns with integrity, care and understanding. Iphi embodies the philosophy of facilitating independent growth. She believes in providing an inspiring and safe learning environment for children to experience life and reach their full potential. In her spare time, she enjoys an outdoor life, rock climbing, camping, and walking in nature with her dog. 

Vika Stankovic

Upper Exploration Support Educator
Originally from Serbia, Vika has lived in Greece for the past 17 years and is an English teacher by profession. After obtaining her degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Novi Sad, Vika moved to Greece to teach English privately and at a language institute, where she started extracurricular activities to promote language learning. Vika’s love for teaching language stems from her own experience of being an immigrant and feeling excluded due to the language barrier. She has now dedicated her life to helping her students learn English through engaging, confidence-boosting activities. Vika is an avid reader, and in her free time, enjoys being around family, friends and books. 

Diana Paolo Lara Rivero

Lower Exploration Lead Educator
Originally from Venezuela, Diana earned her degree in Early Childhood Education degree in Caracas, before moving to Spain, where she has lived for the past 16 years, building her experience in and out of the classroom. While studying for her masters degree in Family Intervention, she realized the impact and connection of the first years of life and an emotionally healthy adulthood. She consolidated her passions for early childhood and family therapy to develop strategies to educate the most important years in life and her commitment to dedicating herself to bringing family and school together in favor of better development of children. In her free time, she loves to enjoy nature capturing its beauty through her other passion, photography.

Eleni Varsami

Lower Exploration Support Educator
Eleni is a preschool teacher who graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has attended seminars on ADHD, nursing and first aid. As a child, Eleni knew she wanted to be a teacher, and she has had a passion for education ever since. She loves providing opportunities for children to enjoy their learning journey, and loves seeing them flourish with unshakeable roots of confidence and happiness. She feels that her students are not just a part of her class, but of her heart as well. In her spare time, Eleni enjoys sports and travelling.

Tuscany Team

Petra Pajala

Education Centre DIRECTOR
Petra has a Masters Degree in Education from Finland, extensive Nordic-Baltic Leadership Training and has been a vice-principal for many years. She’s designed and implemented educational content and experiences for exchange students in 3 different countries over the past decade. Petra believes in fostering natural curiosity and teaching tenacity. Trusting her team and always having the child’s best interest in mind are her keys to success. In her spare time, she likes to play sports and spend time outdoors.

Sophie Thorpe

Upper Foundation Lead Educator
Sophie is from Adelaide Australia, where she studied her Bachelor of Education at the University of South Australia. With experience in primary education and as a primary and middle school digital technologies specialist, she is passionate about STEM education in the classroom and cross-curricular learning. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, reading and reformer Pilates.

Clara Callejo

Lower Foundation Lead Educator
Clara is from Segovia, Spain and has a degree in elementary teaching, with a special minor in Nature, Environment and Society from the University of Valladolid. Clara has worked as an educator all over the world – from teaching English and Science to primary years students in Ghana and Spanish in the US, to Science and Math in Spain and implementing the Waldorf methodology in Poland, Clara brings a global perspective to Boundless. Clara’s favourite thing about education is that it is always bidirectional – both the educator and student have the opportunity to learn from one another. She also believes that learning only happens when emotion is attached, and that the best way of learning is when it doesn’t feel like learning (gamification). In her free time, Clara enjoys playing sports, chess and travelling.

Rachele Marchetti

Foundation Support Educator
Rachele was born and raised in Pistoia and has a diploma in Pedagogy and Psychology, as well as a degree in Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies from the University of Florence. After graduating, Rachele managed an educational farm where she taught a nature-based curriculum. She also created English and Spanish workshops for kids at a cultural association, and taught in a public elementary school. Rachele believes in experiential education, and her dream has always been to bring the idea of forest schools and individual learning in Italy. In her free time, Rachele has a passion for travelling and tasting foods from around the world.

Mikko Perkowsky

Upper Exploration Lead Educator 
Mikko Perkowsky is a fully qualified Montessori and K-12 Physical Education teacher from Finland. He has his Masters in Education from the University of Wollongong, Australia. Teaching has taken Mikko all over the globe. Some of the more exotic places he has had an opportunity to teach in include Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore and the UK. Mikko believes that the future depends on what we do in the present. Additionally Mikko is qualified as a Shiatsu massage therapist. In his spare time he enjoys playing tennis. 

Lorenza Amelio

Exploration Support Educator
Lorenza graduated from  the University of Florence, specialising in Education. Professionally, Lorenza has worked in an after-school project for children with disabilities, in which educators taught the children how to do basic tasks independently, with the support of school teachers and parents. She has also completed a traineeship in a children's daycare, working with children up to three years of age.

Ilaria Stefani

Lower Exploration Lead Educator
Ilaria was born in Pistoia, and has been living in London for several years. She has a Honour Bachelor’s Degree in Socio-Educational Sciences and in Tourism Sciences, both of which reflect her two great passions: travelling and education. As an educator, she is truly passionate about holistic education, mindfulness and arts & craft. She has worked as a teacher in international nursery schools, as well as a private tutor for multicultural families. Ilaria defines herself as a cheerful, creative, and funny person who loves nature, arts, yoga and meditation. She loves to learn new things and meet new people from all over the world!

Giulia Colzi

Lower Exploration Assistant
Giulia was born in Pistoia, and obtained a degree in Languages, Literature, and Intercultural Studies from the University of Florence. She has a strong interest in music, and holds a teaching diploma in singing, with experience in teaching children as young as 5 to teenagers. She also holds certifications in the English and Spanish languages and believes that promoting language appreciation and exposing students to various cultures and traditions can contribute to a more inclusive and diverse educational environment. In her spare time, Giulia enjoys travelling.

Bali Team

Anne Edmondson

Education Centre DIRECTOR
Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Anne is a highly experienced international educator who has taught in schools in the U.S., Middle East, and most recently, Dubai. She has served on the board of a UK-based children's charity, Gulf for Good, for ten years, leading the organisation as Chairwoman for five of those years. With an aspiration to create a world where equal opportunities for education are available to all, she focused her work on the UN sustainability goals of quality education, accessibility to quality healthcare and housing. Anne has traveled extensively in the developing world, volunteering in many parts of Africa and Nepal. In her spare time, she loves to hike, play padel tennis, cycle and be in nature.

Lauren Hardie

Upper Foundation Lead Educator
As a Los Angeles native, Lauren earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of California, San Diego in 2003 and later obtained a California multi-subject teaching credential from California State University, Northridge in 2015. With a diverse teaching background ranging from fourth grade inclusion classrooms in California, to creating a Socratic style governance program for Green School, to middle school English instruction in Jakarta, her educational journey has been driven by a passion for fostering inclusive learning environments. Embracing a constructivist approach, Lauren believes that learning is a journey, not a race, where students construct knowledge through hands-on experiences and collaborative exploration. Beyond the classroom, Lauren brings over 22 years of ballet training and a certification as a yoga teacher, infusing creativity and mindfulness into my teaching practice.

Dorathea Roos

Lower Foundation Lead Educator
Dorathea is a trilingual educator from Cape Town, South Africa with over 25 years of teaching experience. She moved to Indonesia after graduating and volunteered with a local school, where she developed an interest in education and a passion for special education and experiential learning in particular. She worked as a teacher at international schools for many years, before completing further studies in occupational therapy and sensory delays and achieving her dream of becoming a SenCo. Dee believes in the importance of allowing children to learn from hands-on experiences and being allowed to make mistakes to help them grow and implement the learning in their daily lives.

Sukma Wati

Foundation Support
Sukma is from Bali, and graduated from Mahasaraswati Denpasar University with a degree in English and Education. She has experience teaching Math at Kumon Mahendradata, English at Hooray Kids and Indonesian at Green School Bali. Sukma believes education should follow a student-centred approach, and that each student is unique and possesses their own strengths and learning styles. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, and enjoys being a learner as well. After a busy day, Sukma enjoys playing badminton or having a latte while reading a novel. 

Jessica Stephanie

Upper Exploration Lead Educator
With a Montessori teaching diploma and years of experience as an Early Years Teacher, Jessica is committed to creating dynamic learning spaces that integrate Montessori and EYFS methods. Her diverse background — half South African and half Indonesian — brings a distinctive viewpoint to education. As a mother of two wonderful girls, Jessica values the opportunity to positively influence young minds. When not in the classroom, you can find her enjoying the beach or engrossed in compelling books, driven by the desire to inspire positive growth for the children she cares for.

Mutiara Tsuroyya

Upper Exploration Support Educator
Mutiara is Javanese, and has been living in Bali for over 23 years. After obtaining her degree in accounting, Mutiara worked at the Ikigai Preschool and Kindergarten, starting as an assistant teacher and eventually becoming a teacher coordinator. She strives to create a student-centred and inclusive learning environment in the classroom and instilling a love for learning in the kids. She believes in empowering students to become independent and critical thinkers, capable of applying their knowledge to real-world situations. Mutiara has a passion for exploring different cuisines and foods as a way of connecting with local cultures, and enjoys swimming in her free time. 

Laksmi Prema Dewi

Lower Exploration Lead Educator
Laksmi has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the Yogyakarta State University and has been teaching for six years. As a teacher, she especially enjoys supporting each child’s growth and nurturing their love of learning. She believes a Montessori classroom provides an essential environment for children to learn and grow, and she hopes to guide her students to become lifelong learners. In her free time, Laksmi enjoys traveling, cooking, and being with family and friends.

Arielle Montong

Exploration Assistant
Arielle is from Manado, Indonesia, and is currently working towards her diploma in Early Childhood Education. Arielle has always loved interacting with children, and enjoyed witnessing how they play and learn together when she volunteered at a local preschool. She enjoys learning new languages, and in her spare time, she loves reading and collecting comic books.

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