Frequently Asked Questions
Package Enquiries
What does the website pricing include?
The website pricing includes accommodation, tuition (including meals and field trips), utilities, regular housekeeping services, access to a Coworking Hub and the Boundless community.
How do I select locations for longer-term packages?
You can specify the preferred order of locations upon booking. You can change the location order after booking as long as it's at least 90 days before your check-in date in the new location. Please refer to our Terms of Service (Booking & Payments section) for full details.
What are the cancellation terms?
Please refer to our Terms of Service (Booking & Payments - Cancellations section) for full details of our cancellation terms and a list of the circumstances where cancellation is possible.
Boundless Education
What is the tuition for Boundless Education?
Please refer to the Pricing page of our website for full details of our tuition fees.
When does the day start/end at the Education Centres?
Our Education Centres are open 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM Monday-Friday.
Drop-off is at 8:45 am prompt to allow everyone to start their day together.
Pick-up is between 3:15 - 3:30 pm (unless your child is taking part in an Extracurricular Activity).
For children under 7, the first two days of each cohort are half-days (Adaptation Days to give them time to adjust)
How will the kids get into higher education because traditional education systems want records of previous education?
We are working with groups in higher education that are building systems for acceptance into higher education via alternative means. Our students each have a digital portfolio that follows them throughout their educational journey as evidence of progress along with progressive outcomes. Every year more and more universities are welcoming portfolios as admission criteria instead of standardised test results.
What is the class size at Boundless Education? How are kids grouped?
Class sizes and groupings are a maximum of: 
- Explorers Ages 1-3 (12 kids) 
- Explorers Ages 4-5 (16 kids) 
- Pathfinders Ages 6-7 (18 kids) 
- Pathfinders Ages 8-9 (18 kids)
- Pathfinders Ages 10-12 (18 kids)
- Trailblazers Ages 13-14 (18 kids)
What is the maximum age my child can be to attend?
We currently accept children aged from 1 year up to their 13th birthday for our 3-Month Experiences and 4-Week Getaways. Our Trailblazers programme (launching Sept '24) is for children aged 13 and 14.
Do you have a fully inclusive provision for children with additional needs?
At Boundless Education, our priority is to ensure that every child receives the support they need to thrive.  While we make every effort to create and offer an inclusive learning environment, it is important to acknowledge that Boundless Education does not, at this time, have the full range of resources and expertise required to meet the needs of all neurodiverse students.

To determine the specific needs of each child, the team may request a psychoeducational evaluation is undertaken during the admissions process. This will help ensure we can offer your child a place with every confidence that their needs will be fully met. In certain circumstances, the results of the evaluation may indicate your child has needs that we cannot currently accommodate.
Do the children take part in educational visits and excursions and are the costs of these included? 
We have educational trips every 2 weeks during our 3-month Experience cohorts and weekly during our 4-week Getaways. These are included in your Boundless Education Tuition Fees
How do you ensure child safeguarding and inclusion?
We have comprehensive child protection policies in place. Our educators must all complete the appropriate screening and clearance process. In addition to hiring trained professionals, we also provide intensive internal training which includes First Aid. We have a consultant Special Needs teacher to support us in assessing a child's needs and in turn supporting our educators - who ensure our students' well-being socially and emotionally.
How is the education provision accredited?
We are currently in the process of obtaining accreditation from the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC).
What if my child isn't fluent in English?
At Boundless Education, our priority is to ensure that every child receives the support they need to thrive. Our education programme is delivered in English.We welcome non-English speaking children 1-5 years old to our Explorers stage, as we’ve seen that the play-based learning approach enables us to gently introduce them to a new language. However, Boundless Education does not, at this time, have the full range of resources and expertise to meet the needs of all non-English speaking students aged 6+. We may be able to accommodate children in this age group with English as a second language depending on their proficiency level.
Boundless Homes & Services
When are check-in/check-out dates and times for my cohort?
Check-in is from 11am on the first day of the cohort. We will do our very best to ensure your Boundless Home is ready as soon as possible, but cannot always guarantee check-in before 3pm local time.
Check-out should be before 2pm on the last day of the cohort.
If an earlier check-in or later check-out is required please discuss your requirements with the Boundless Crew who will do their best to accommodate you.
Do you offer pick-up and drop services from the airport or port?
Yes, return transfer from and to the closest airport/port is included. Additional charges will apply if you are arriving at an airport or port further afield.
Can we cook and store our food?
Yes. All Boundless Homes are fully inclusive of all the facilities you would expect to find in a modern kitchen.
How equipped will my Boundless Home be?
Your Boundless Home is fully furnished and equipped for family living. You will be provided with a Welcome Hamper to make the start of your stay as smooth as possible. This will include essentials like seasoning, cooking oil, sugar, tea/coffee, toilet roll, and kitchen paper.
Can we do our laundry within our Boundless Home?
Yes. All Boundless Homes includes a laundry machine.
Is regular grocery delivery available?
Yes. Grocery delivery is available using local delivery services. Level of availability may vary by location.
Is AC/heating available?
Most of our Boundless Homes are equipped with heaters and/or AC. Please check with our Crew for more details.
Are all utility bills included (gas, electric, oil, etc)?
Yes, utilities are included subject to our reasonable usage policy. Please refer to our Terms of Service (Boundless Homes - Utilities Usage & Charging section) for full details.
We have young children – do we need to bring baby equipment with us? 
Boundless will make available a selection of baby and toddler equipment so you don’t have to worry about bringing this with you!  This will include things like potties/toilet inserts, toddler steps, travel cribs, stair gates, etc.  We can discuss your specific requirements when you make a booking enquiry.  
Can Amazon deliver to the Boundless Destination?
This will vary by location.  Please refer to individual location details for current availability but we would also suggest you check with Amazon directly if you are likely to need their services regularly.
Are pets allowed?
We permit pets to stay in some of our Boundless Homes subject to local availability. Please discuss your requirements with our Crew and refer to our Terms of Service (Boundless Homes - Pets section) for full details.
Can we book our own accommodation?
Booking priority is given to those staying in our Boundless Homes. However, it is possible for families to source their own accommodation if our accommodation is fully booked, providing space is still available at the Education Centre.

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