Our Pathfinders
AGES 6 TO 12


We apply the Nordic Baccalaureate Curriculum’s Primary Stage.
The Pathfinders stage of the Boundless Education curriculum and approach moves children beyond looking at their own perspective to finding their place in their community and environment
Leveraging interdisciplinary project-based Quests with real world application
For core academics and mastery, we follow to the Nordic Baccalaureate. At the end of each cohort, if necessary, we can offer equivalencies to the US or UK curriculum.


Engages children from 6 to 12 years old and aims to establish the mindsets, habits, and behaviours for lifelong learning.


Through a series of interdisciplinary learning Quests, children examine how concepts of equality, justice, well-being, diversity, and sustainability are evident in their daily lives and are impacted by their own actions and choices.

May the Forest Be With You!

Here is an example from the Pathfinders age group:
Create and perform a song or role play that shows five things people can do to conserve forests.
What does this look like in lessons?
 Children read and write stories and poems about forests and the animals that live in them.
Children sing songs about forests and incorporate them into a live performance.
Visual Arts
Children use various materials, express themselves and share their learnings about the forest.
Things found in forests provide concrete materials for practicing arithmetic
Children are guided to justify a course of action based on the concept of equality and principles of sustainable living.
Environmental Studies
Children identify necessities of life for trees and people, and  describe what forests provide for people & other living things.
Physical Education
 Children read and write stories and poems about forests and the animals that live in them.

Our Leadership Team

Join the future of education!
Help us create unforgettable experiences for parents and children
Rekha Magon
Head of Student Experience
As an avid world traveler, ed-tech entrepreneur, and homeschool mama, Rekha is passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences that inspire children to question, create & innovate according to their own personal interests. Her kids are her biggest inspiration and teachers in life. She loves a good cup of tea, enjoying silence and exploring the world with her family.
Suzanne Perkowsky
Head of Academics
Suzanne has been in the education field for over 30 years as a teacher, leader and trainer, setting up and working in schools all over the world. Suzanne was the founder of New Nordic Schools, a Finnish education development company. Leading the academics in Boundless Life is the perfect opportunity to share her passion for adventure, education and learning.

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