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A Noble Quest: Why supercharged project-based “Questing” is at the heart of Boundless Education

June 20, 2023
5 min read
Kat Ridgway-Taylor

For our Boundless Education Foundation students, our Quests are a key component of their learning journey. But what is a “Quest” and why are they front and centre in our approach? 

What is a Quest?

In summary, our Quests are interdisciplinary projects that our students (Explorers) work on for the full duration of a cohort. 

They explore real-world phenomena and issues and encourage children to learn beyond the content and find individualised and purposeful connection and purpose for their learning. 

Our end-of-cohort Learning Celebrations allow our Explorers to proudly showcase their findings and project outcomes. 



How does this differ to traditional approaches? 

Traditional educational models typically deliver and assess subject content in silos - often in order to prepare children for standardised testing. Real life doesn’t happen in isolation though, so why should education?  Interdisciplinary learning BLENDS subjects to create connections and increased relevance to learning. This approach is brought to life at Boundless Education through Quests.



I QUEST…..do you?

Who doesn’t love a good acronym?! Here at Boundless Life we have a great one to help explain the value of our Quests.

Inspire: Investigate an important topic that you personally find inspiring. 

Question: Explore global issues and expand your knowledge base.

Understand: Investigate evidence and analyse arguments to deduce context. 

Evaluate: Consider different perspectives and how they shape learning. 

Synthesise: Combine knowledge, evidence, and viewpoints to build your own ideas.

Transform: Transform your learning into meaningful action and impact. 

What are the Quests about? 

Our Quests are based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Also referred to as Global Goals, these are environmental, social, and economic topics and issues that are used as age-appropriate learning themes in our curriculum. 

Boundless Life has placed the UN SDGs front and centre in our Explorers’ learning journey with us because when young people realise they can draw on their passions to have a positive impact on the world, they discover the purpose in their learning. Their Quest is, indeed, a noble one. 



Quest-ion everything! 

Every week, our Explorers are introduced to a thought-provoking question designed to inspire their steps along their learning journey. 

These questions are influenced by Bloom’s Taxonomy (“a set of three hierarchical models used for classification of educational learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity”) which encourages a deeper dive into a topic. 

Over the course of our cohorts our Explorers’ continually build on their level of knowledge using ‘What, Why and How?’ questioning. For example:

“What is the current issue?”

“Why is it important?”

“How can we take steps to help?” 

An example of just one of our Quests 



Think your children might want to join us on our Quest?! Jump on a call with us to learn more!

At Boundless Life we build a collection of thoughtfully designed communities located in beautiful destinations around the world comprised of private homes, co-working spaces, a education system based on experiential learning and locally adapted recreational hubs where like-minded families can develop connections, work, sustainably explore different parts of the world and be immersed in the local cultures.

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