Code of Conduct

Children’s Behaviour & Conduct:
A. All children must come to the Education Centre with an open mindset. Children must be ready to learn, engage and actively participate in the Boundless Education curriculum.

B. Children must be open to interacting with other age groups and trying new experiences.

C. Children must interact respectfully with other nationalities, cultures and everyone in the Education Centre community.

D. Children are expected to interact with everyone in the Boundless Life community with respect and kindness.

E. Bullying, harassment, victimization and discrimination will not be tolerated.

F. Children must strive to foster good relationships between members of the staff, parents, and other students (‘Explorers’).

G. If a child sees something that is not appropriate, it is their duty to report it to the staff. Everyone has a responsibility to promote a safe environment.

H. Everyone has a responsibility to resolve conflicts in a way that is civil and respectful. Insults, hurtful acts and a lack of respect for others disrupt learning and teaching in an educational setting.

I. Everyone is expected to resolve conflicts without using violence. Physical aggression is not a responsible way to deal with other people. No one should use an object to injure another person or threaten to use an object to injure another person. Violence and threats are unacceptable and put everyone's safety at risk.

J. Children must show care and respect for Education Centre property and the property of others. All things should be put back where they belong after use.

K. Children should seek help from Boundless Education staff to resolve conflict peacefully, if necessary.

L. Children may not commit vandalism that causes damage to property on Boundless Education premises.

M. Children will fulfil expected academic obligations; come to the Education Centre punctually each day, prepared and willing to learn.

N. Children will be honest in their academic work (refrain from plagiarism, cheating, etc.)

O. Children will use free time responsibly.

P. Children will refrain from bringing anything to the Education Centre that compromises the safety of others.

Q. Children’s devices are not to be used for video games or social media communication and messaging whilst at the Education Centre under any circumstance. If the device is not being used for the right purposes, the educator has the right to withhold the device from the child.

R. Should a child need to contact their Parent/Guardian while at the Education Centre, they should approach their educator and the educator will contact the Parent/Guardian on the child’s behalf. Active use of mobile devices is not allowed at the Education Centre unless otherwise directed by an educator.

S. All Foundation students must come to the Education Centre with their own charged Chromebook, laptop or tablet device to work. Parents should ensure permissions have been set up to allow each child to access the device and apps. A Kindle is not a suitable substitute.

T. Children's Personal Property: children are responsible for the security and safe use of all their personal property, and for property lent to them by Boundless Education. Parents are responsible for labelling all personal property.

U. The child must be in good health in order to attend the Centre. In case of sudden illness, the child must remain at home.

V. Each child should bring a water bottle, hat, indoor shoes and backpack every day.

Parents’ Behaviour & Conduct

Parents and guardians have an important role in the education of their children and can help the Boundless Education staff in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all children.

A. Parents have a responsibility to act as role models for their child/ren, and those of the Boundless community.

B. Parents must accept the role, responsibility and ultimate authority of the Education Lead within the Education Centre.

C. Parents must respect the scope and content of the Boundless Education curriculum

D. Parents must speak with respect to all Boundless staff.

E. Parents must ensure their child is rested and properly dressed for the EC.

F. Parents ensure that their child attends the Education Centre regularly and on time.

G. Parents must encourage their children to be active learners during their time at Boundless Education.

H. Parents must be open to feedback from educators on their children’s behaviours and look at feedback as a great opportunity for growth.

I. Parents will trust that Boundless Educators are experts in their field and have the children’s best interest at heart.

J. Parents should ensure they have read all policies/procedures relevant to them and their children (Most importantly the safeguarding procedures and the behaviour policy).

K. Parents will encourage and help their child follow the rules of behaviour.

L. Parents will inform the Education Centre promptly about their child's absence or late arrival.

M. Parents will help Education Centre staff deal with disciplinary issues involving their child. Education staff will reach out to parents directly within a day or two of any disciplinary issues that may arise with their child.

N. Parents should not upload pictures of other children on social media without explicit permission from that child and their families. (Media restrictions).

O. Parents will be engaged in their child's academic work and progress

P. Parents are required to sign out their children at the Education Centre entrance at the end of each day.

Q. Upper Foundation students may be signed out on their own only if parents have filled out the ‘Pick-Up permission form’’ provided by the Education Lead.

R. Children must be dropped off by 8:45 am (local time) and picked up between 3.15 and 3:30 pm (local time). Please inform the coordinator or Education Centre using the Pick-Up permission form’ if your child will be arriving late or leaving early, or leaving with another family. If your child is consistently late, Boundless Education may need to take action.

S. Daily meals for lunch and 2 snacks are provided to children registered at Boundless Education. Children should not bring in their own food from home except in the case of serious allergies or restrictions that Boundless Education cannot accommodate.

T. Should parents like to join their children for the field trips that occur every 2nd Friday, they need to organize their own transport (if there is no more space on the bus), and admission cost and inform the Education Centre in advance.
a. Some venues will not have food establishments and parents may need to take food with them. Food will be provided forthe children.
 b. Depending on the location of the field trip, there might be a limit on the number of parents permitted to attend. Attendance will be on a first-come, first-served basis and Boundless Education staff should be notified by email no later than the Monday morning before the field trip.
c. Please refer to the ‘Field Trip Policy for Families’ for more details.

U. Parents are not permitted to use the Education Centre premises without permission and the presence of a Boundless Life staff member.

V. Parents may not enter the classroom without explicit permission from the educator.

W. Should a parent raise a concern, they should first communicate with the Boundless Educator involved directly via email and subsequently escalate this to the Education Lead Centre Coordinator if deemed necessary.

X. Parents will treat all other members of the community with kindness and respect at all times:
a. Parents will respect the differing viewpoints & experiences of others within the Boundless community
b. Parents will refrain from discrimination, harsh language, gossip or negative comments about others in the community.When possible, parents will try their best to support other families if they need help.
c. Parents will focus on what is best for the community and lead by example, holding themselves and others accountable.
d. Parents will treat all users and colleagues fairly and equally.
e. Parents and children will follow company values and support the Boundless LIfe mission.

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