Our Explorers


Learning is an adventure...an exploration.
The Early Years of education are the very beginning, where kids take their first steps in the journey of life and begin to develop a lifelong passion for learning.

The Boundless Explorers Stage is about setting sail - it’s a launchpad for adventure and learning. It develops a child's mindset, skills, confidence, and determination.


Inspired by the Montessori approach, Explorers develop their sense of identity and position in the world by focusing on "me and my immediate surroundings."



“I look forward to being in this environment”
Drawing inspiration from Montessori, fosters creativity, problem-solving, social skills, time management, and the Nordic Baccalaureate philosophy of empowering students to take charge of their own learning.

Circle Time


“I feel safe and share my feelings here”
The educators always greets the children when starting circle time and gets children to greet each other and them in return. This enhances respect and deepens relationships. There are times when children need an activity to help them re-focus. This is when mindfulness activities are especially useful. Other circle time activities can be topic or stimulus review, for example.

Topic Activity


"I feel free to express myself."
These activities focus around the identified topic for the week. For this age group, it is important for these activities to be as hands-on as possible. The activities are at a level that are age appropriate and that children can complete as independently as possible. The goal is not to reach overall perfection but to extend children’s learning and understanding to the best of their ability.

Hands-On Activities


“I enjoy working independently”
The philosophy behind using Montessori material in the classroom is to give children the chance to choose their own work and lead their own learning. All Explorers Stage activities work on the basis of play but each one still has a purpose and teaches something. This process builds a strong foundation for children to lead their own learning and be more independent in their learning journey while still being guided by mentors.



"Eating food is an enjoyable experience and opportunity to learn something new"
Snack and mealtimes need to be as pleasant an experience as possible and should promote healthy habits related to food and nutrition. Good manners, food culture, social norms, acceptance and respect are aspects that can be focused on and practiced at these times.

Free Play


“I learn while I play, I play while I learn”
According to research and the Finnish National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood and Care, physical education is key to a child’s development. It can be in the form of free play or structured play. During this time, children build their interpersonal skills and maintain friendships and connections.

Head Home


“I feel seen and valued”
During arrival and home time, educators connect and give succinct feedback on how a child’s day has been.

Our Leadership Team

Join the future of education!
Help us create unforgettable experiences for parents and children
Rekha Magon
Head of Student Experience
As an avid world traveler, ed-tech entrepreneur, and homeschool mama, Rekha is passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences that inspire children to question, create & innovate according to their own personal interests. Her kids are her biggest inspiration and teachers in life. She loves a good cup of tea, enjoying silence and exploring the world with her family.
Suzanne Perkowsky
Head of Academics
Suzanne has been in the education field for over 30 years as a teacher, leader and trainer, setting up and working in schools all over the world. Suzanne was the founder of New Nordic Schools, a Finnish education development company. Leading the academics in Boundless Life is the perfect opportunity to share her passion for adventure, education and learning.

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