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Winning at Winter: 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Boundless in the New Year

July 31, 2023
5 min read
Kat Ridgway-Taylor

You might be thinking to yourself that winter is not the best season to travel to Europe - let alone relocate your family for three months. Understandable. But bear with me. What if I told you that the start of the year might be the PERFECT time to start a Boundless adventure? 

The changing seasons within Europe mean each of our 3-month Boundless Experience offers something different - and not just in terms of the weather. Our January-March cohorts may not be the obvious choice but have proved to be a great option for families seeking a truly unique perspective. Check out our Top 3 reasons why you should join us in January.

1. Boundless Living in Its Purest Form

Winter and early Spring provide families with a unique opportunity to experience one of our European destinations in its purest state. The tourist numbers are greatly reduced, the pace of life slows down, the views are unobscured, and the ability to absorb the true nature of the destination increases.

Families have the space and time to really understand what makes Sintra, Syros, and Tuscany tick and what it feels like to live like a local instead of a visitor. 

What’s more, some truly special events happen at this time of year -including the 3-day festival celebrations in Syros and the visual spectacular that is the annual Viareggio Carnival in Tuscany. 


2. Temperate weather 

Winter doesn’t have to mean cold. Syros, for example, benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate during the winter, with temperatures averaging around 15-20 degrees Celsius (59-68 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Jan through March is also a great time to discover the benefits of our European locations. Whether this is in the great outdoors - skiing in Tuscany, sailing in Syros and hiking in Sintra or working on your well-being and learning new skills indoors - with classes including pottery, language lessons, traditional tile painting and yoga - there is something for everyone to enjoy.


3. Our most affordable 3-month cohort 

The monthly price of our Boundless Homes is lower at this time of year and flights are also markedly lower in cost. 


One fantastic opportunity to live a truly authentic Boundless Life.

If our January-March Boundless Experience is adding up for your family, give us a call! Some of our Crew and their families have lived the Boundless Life in January-March and would be happy to share their experience.

At Boundless Life we build a collection of thoughtfully designed communities located in beautiful destinations around the world comprised of private homes, co-working spaces, a education system based on experiential learning and locally adapted recreational hubs where like-minded families can develop connections, work, sustainably explore different parts of the world and be immersed in the local cultures.

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